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To Parents

MISHE MOKWA enters its twenty-fifth season as a camp for the sons of those discriminating parents who appreciate the advantages of a camp directed by a college graduate whose life, for the last thirty years, has been devoted to the education, character building and physical development of boys ... a camp filled with a tradition and spirit which bring out the finer things in character ... a camp that has always been noted for the excellence of its counsellors and the fine type of its boys.

Picturesque Treasure Island, set in the clear waters of Winnipesaukee, with mountain views in every direction, is hailed by parents and visitors as the best camp location they have ever seen. The seclusion of the island, apart from the world without, creates an unusually close bond between counsellors and boys. with a feeling of possession and "home."

The camp life is happy, spontaneous and carefree; there are certain responsibilities. but no fixed program.

Once a week, at least, each boy leaves the island on one of the many small group camping trips, lasting from one to several days.

Sailing in 18-foot Cape God Baby Knock-abouts attracts many boys who are eager to learn sailing. Woodcraft, canoeing, fishing, tennis, tumbling, archery, shop work, baseball...each has its devotees.

Expert instruction is given in all activities with emphasis on learning correct fundamentals rather than indulging in too much strenuous competition. Browned by the summer sun, the boys go home with a real gain in weight and well rested...not tired out by having attempted too much.

Sleeping cabins, of our own design, are dry and airy. Six to eight boys and two counsellors occupy a cabin. We use sheets as well as blankets. Everyone takes a full hour of complete relaxation each day after the noon meal.

Food is of the best with plenty of pasteurized milk and fresh farm vegetables. We have our own ice house and cold storage room. Ralph, the chef, has been with us so long that he has become an institution. Parents, as well as boys, look forward to his meals.

With health, sanitation, and cleanliness of utmost importance it is noteworthy that there is a resident physician and completely equipped infirmary. Drinking water is from a 100-foot artesian well driven into solid rock. Further . . . running water system, flush toilets, and septic tank.

The necessity of always having in mind the Safety of each boy is deeply imprinted on the minds of all counsellors. Certain procedures having to do with boats, canoes, and swimming have been in force for so many years at Mishe Mokwa that they have become traditional and safeguard the boys at all times. Mishe Mokwa has a record of 24 years, without an accident.

If, after reading this brief sketch, you are interested to know more of Mishe Mokwa, and to see photographs and moving pictures of the camp life, kindly communicate with the Director and arrange for an interview.

Mishe Mokwa is under the personal direction of
L. Theodore Wallis, A.B.
Dartmouth College, 1905



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