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New Hampshire, in the Lakes Region, affords opportunity for campers which is unexcelled. There are organizations priced to suit every pocketbook; programmed to accommodate every type of child. They are large and small. Some specialize in particular activities; others have a general program. There are those that are highly regimented and the ones whose curriculum calls for an optional schedule. There are tutoring camps and camps for the underprivileged. There are nursery groups and counsellor training schools, so that boys and girls from the age of four to the age of twenty may be educated and guided to maturity.

The leaders of all of these centers are chosen wisely.  Both men and women are, first and foremost, interested in children. They not only instruct and supervise skillfully, they live with the children, influencing their lives hourly, by precept and example. There are religious, Y.M.C.A. Social  worker  and  privately  directed groups.

It has been said by an eminent psychologist, "there is no fitting substitute for a good camp in the education of a child." Another goes still further, as follows, "a good camp is a greater medium of influence in the life of an adolescent than the other three mediums of influence combined; the home, the church, and the school." In view of the fact that the camp has supervision over the child for two months, the other three influences for ten months, this is a very strong contention and worthy of serious consideration.

Physical well being of the child is guarded by rules of the State of New Hampshire Health Department, which are exacting and stringent.

The child is instructed and supervised in all in-door and out of door activities, including dancing, group singing, crafts, horseback riding, tennis, archery, riflery, badminton, hiking, sailing, swimming, and all correlated subjects.  The evenings are filled with story telling hours, original entertainments, camp fires, charades and lectures on adolescent subjects.

Then, we have another type of camping. This is for the motorist, who drives through the countryside in search of beauty and relaxation. On all pf the first class highways, and on many of the secondary roads, as well as in the trails, are to be found public camping grounds.

These are provided, maintained and equipped by the State of New Hampshire. They are in picturesque spots, usually include field stone fireplaces, and have benches and tables for the accommodation of picnic parties of all sizes. Transients have respected the privileges of these unexpected oases through the years and visitors will find that they are clean, that the wood supply has been replenished.

For information on either or both of these projects, the Lakes Region Association stands ready to forward booklets and pamphlets upon request.


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