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Dear Counselor:

It will be only a few days now before I will be welcoming you to Camp Menotomy. Then you will begin a period of interesting work and delightful friendships.

We would like to have you be in camp for dinner on Sunday, June 27th at one o'clock. The 9:00 o'clock train out of Boston reaches Meredith at noon and is met by our station wagon, there are other afternoon trains in case you are not able to make the above train. Will you let us know at what time you will be coming. Our telephone is Meredith 122-11 should you wish to call us,

Your luggage should be sent R.R. Express or Parcel Post and it will be delivered directly to camp. We have a storage room for your street clothes. We will be wearing Camp Edith Macy uniforms on Sundays and you can get them at any Girl Scout Shop — At other times Macys or any relief uniforms may be worn. It is best not to bring any valuable jewelry to camp.

I am enclosing two copies of your contract, a health blank and insurance information, Will you please sign and return one copy of the contract. The health blank should be filled out within three days of your coming and brought with you. If you are interested, in health insurance the accompanying sheet will give you information and applies to counselors as well as campers.

Some library books will be available for your program needs but any of your favorite titles will not be amiss. Most libraries will allow you to bring some books to camp for the season.

I will be looking forward to seeing you on or about the 27th. Our address after the 18th will be Camp Menotomy, Meredith, N.H,

Sincerely yours,
Mrs. Kathleen Pearce
Director — Camp Menotomy


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