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July 1-12, 1918


July 1

July first about quarter after four, many eager girls were found on the station platform at Weirs on their way to camp. The Junior Counselors, however, straggled in as the days went by.

After spending a day in unpacking and getting acquainted, we made our first delightful hike to Hill Crest Farm. We were all surprised and pleased with the attitude and endurance of our "Kiosk Kiddies."

Our annual picnic to Governor's Island was made on the first Thursday ofthe .month, With thanks to the finders "Babe" and Barbara everyone picked raspberries enough for shortcake and other good "eats," introducing what is now known as "Acadia Special" vanilla ice cream with raspberry crush over it.

The first joy day was spent at the Weirs and many pennies were added to the Red Cross Box, a rule having been made that one cent on every five spent for "joy" be put into the Red Cross Box. We were all weighed this day.

July 8

On July eighth, a very pleasant morning, a murmur went over camp, "Why don't we walk to Merideth?" It was then decided that we take our favorite hike. Before we had our one ice cream, Miss Havene suggested we buy our tickets first for we have been known to have to run for the train sending the sprinters ahead to hold it for the rest. This hike was a great success and everyone is eager to "hike" it again.

July 10

Weeps went over camp July tenth when we said good-bye to Dot and Babe at the Weirs. We are very glad to say, however, that they returned on the next day filled with news of "the wedding."

July 11

July eleventh we hiked to the "Haunted House" and made a thorough investigation of every crack and crevice of it.

July 12

Friday, July twelfth, we went to Bear Island for our second picnic of the summer. It sems to be our luck to have a shower when we are on picnics at Bear Island for after lunch when every one was in bathing it began to rain hard. We were a rough but happy looking crowd when we arrived home. The"hot dogs" are a memorable factor of Bear Island.

In our spare time either canoeing, basket ball, dancing or run-sheep-run we're in full swing during the first two weeks of camp, so no one was idle.

Sally Sanders.

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