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July 18, 1918

July 18

When we went to the supper table last Thursday night each found at her place a tiny paper rabbit running along with his coat-tails flying bahind him. Of course we examined the rabbit and to our surprise found an invitation to a party to be given by the "Kiosk Kiddies."

When we had finished eating we assembled in the living room expectantly waiting for the party to begin. Soon the curtain opened and the four "Kiddies" skipped in. They told the program in a song which went like this:

We are the Kiosk Kiddies
And we are all Just ten years old.
We hope you like our party,
And please don't think we're bold.
I am going to dance for you.---------- Vera
And then we'll play a game.------------ Shirley
Then we'll all have something good.---- Edwina
It surely won't be tame.-------------- Atilia

The first Kiddie, danced a take off on a flirt, then on a knitter and finally just a simple toe dance. Then we were all asked by the second Kiddie to try to put the tail on Peter. We all tried vainly except Eileen and Dr. Quimby. Those two were "blindfolded and set out again amidst much
enthusiasm. The contest ended when Eileen pinned the tail squarely on Peter. She received as a prize a box of Page and Shaw's chocolated.

The next event was "Eats," These were sherbet,cookies, and candy passed by Edwina. The party was finished by general dancing. All too soon the bell rang and the successful party was ended.

Muriel Sanger.

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