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July 19, 1918

July 19

Colonel Cummings invited us over to Spindle Point Farm. We embarked from these shores about 10:50 A.M. and were escorted to yonder Island by another boat piloted by Mr. Royer which carried the special guests of the day. Upon arriving Miss Morse greeted us and we went up to the farm. The little ones gaily jumped in the hay and rode in the hayrack. After a visit to the office where we all registered and sang our song to the Colonel, we partook of a tasty lunch, mostly onions.

After resting under the noble firs of the forest which surrounded us, we were invited to an organ recital at Granite Lodge, Miss Amsden and Mr. Royer added to the pleasure of it all by their singing of several opera selections. It was a concert of real music and will "be long remembered. Around 4:50 P.M. we sorrowfully bade farewell to the dearest man, who has given us the bestest "time of the year.

Libby Guild.

During the latest heavy thunder shower, while Miss Havene was out riding in a motor boat with friends, Miss Moore exclaimed, "They must "be having a party up there." and Misa Eavene glibly replied,"Probably current events,"

We understand that Dr. Quimby has placed a rush order for a supply of the latest gas-masks. These are to be topt within easy reach of each cot, and are to be need only in case of midnight skunk-attacks.

There is a young lady named Streeter,
As a sprinter there's no one can beat her.
In the air she'll turn around
Without touching the ground,
This wonderful sprinter named Streeter.

Babe says that three one cent stamps are cheaper than one three cent stamp, We ought to buy them that way, and help the Kaiser win the war.

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