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July 22-23, 1918

July 22

A week ago Monday morning we were told at assembly to be ready for inspection at one fifteen. No one knew what inspection meant but we did as we were told, in the way of pressing suits, cleaning sneakers, and getting head bands. The platform out in the back of the house was covered with Bon Ami. There was a basket ball game that morning so it didn't leave much time for cleaning.

We were all right there after much snickerfritzing to see five big cars waiting. "We got in different cars and started off toward Meredith and then turned to the left. This got us all mixed up but on and on -we went over a wonderful roller coaster road. We finally got to Laconia and went in a moving picture theatre to see Mary Pickford in "M'Liss." It was great!

After the show we went up to the Tavern and another surprise availed us. Ice-cream and cake! It was all very nice.

"When our good time was most over we went home in cars. Cheers were given our kind host and hostess Mr. and Mrs. Hyams.

After dinner we had a peachy moonlight swim or rather sunset. Thus ended a "Perfect Day."

Priscilla Streeter.

July 23

On Tuesday last when our noble selves were clothing, having soaked in the H20; the Streeter's arrived, lug and luggage, to stay & few days near this resting place. It is needless to say, that they gave us a good time; for of course with a young fellow in camp setting everyone agog, it couldn't be otherwise. For a certain Junior Counselor (No need to mention, names) who betook herself canoeing with him. Dr. Streeter won fame for the camp by rushing our junior counselors out for money, though particulars of which are told in another write-up. After many cheers and good-byes on Friday morning, camp was quiet once more even though a certain purple and green hat worn by a Junior Counselor
kept things noisy.

Barbara Smith.

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