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July 27, 1918


Out on a bare lonely hillside,
when the sun had dropped from sight
And our beds were made so comfy,
We settled, ourselves for the night.

The soft air of the mid-night
Was stirred by a buzzing sound
As a beast with wings and a stabber,
Raced down like a German hound.

Then the next swooped down, some vicious
And jabbed with his wicked beak,
Till we roared in wrath malicious,
And struck out with a hideous shriek.

Then came the onslaught truly,
A furious mob of the brutes;
We swatted, we batted, all vainly,
We swore (say it softly,--in toots).

They stabbed us, they chewed us, they bit us:
We clawed, we scratched and we fought;
But the demons continued their slaughter,
Out struggling was worse than for naught.

Oh! for a night on the hilltop
A bed with soft clouds all about.
With the stars overhead and the moonrise!
But ye gods! leave mosquitoes out I

Mrs. Smith

July 27

Camp was nearly itself after our riotous night on the Pinnacle, when at 7:30 on Saturday evening Lieut. Gathemann, an officer from Commonwealth Pier and Mrs. Gathemann, Muriel's aunt and uncle arrived; also Mr. Sanger and a certain "Billy" Beat (for information concerning said person go to the countesses in the back tent and they will be glad to tell you.) Things went hop-skip and a leap when they were here. Cow-pasture pool was in progress Sunday morning and the noted Thrift stamp swimming race in the p.m.

There was a rumor that Mrs. Gathemann was mortally ashamed of the men for they were so noisy and rollicking especially at Sunday dinner at the Tavern, but I am sure we can countermand any such report.

It was a quiet camp that awoke it-self on Monday dawn since the Kissel-Kar had gone on to North Comway. But say! those were some tuck-ins the officer gave us Sunday! What think you about it?

Barbara Smith.

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