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July 28, 1918

July 28

On Sunday, the countesses, as a great mark of honor and respect such as should become those dignitaries, were invited to the Tavern for dinner.

It was a cold, cold day! Great was the discussion as to where clothes enough could be found to keep them warm for the journey, and. I heard Bunny vainly endeavoring to borrow somebody's fur coat. Any way, because we were packed in rather snugly, we managed to arrive without any frozen ears.

It was a grand feed!! From the "Mud Turtle Soup," through the "Green Cherries," "Fish in Dutch," the "African Explorers Beef" to the Peach Shortcake and "Acadia Special," it was a huge success. Somehow, Edwina must have known we were there, for several contributions appeared with her compliments, Good news travels fast, is a sure saying, you see!!

Well, after we had eaten till everyone else in the dining room had departed and the doors were closed, we decided there was nothing more coming, so would go somewhere else.

We started to get into the machine, when lo! it was discovered, that Miss Kerry no longer fitted into any seat in the machine, so we had to get another car. In order that she wouldn't be lonesome Mr. Sanger insisted on coming with her. Mrs. Gathemann rode in the same car and succeeded in getting them back without any scandal.

As to the other machine load, chaperoned by Miss Moore, & well-behaved and well regulated party came quietly home with "eyes front." The party getting slow, it was enlivened a little by & few Sunday-School songs and hymns hummed under their breath, but always led by Lieut. Gathemann.

We arrived home in time for swimming, voting the initiation of the new members to the Wampi Club a huge success.

Miss Moore

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