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July 29, 1918

July 29

It was announced at assembly last Friday morning that there was to be a grand show on the next Monday evening in the camp living room. They told us that Miss Amsden and. Mr. Royer were to sing and Uncle Freddie would do wonderful tricks for us. The girls all looked forward to having Monday come, and it was here- before we knew it.

The show began at eight and a silver collecting was taken by Miss Dot Sprague for the Red Cross box. We all sat down preparing for a wonderful time and we surely did have it. The show opened "by Uncle Freddie doing some tricks for us and making a fool of me. Then Miss Amsden and Mr Royer sang for us which we all enjoyed immensely. Vera entertained with a little dance which was very pretty. Uncle Freddie did his trunk trick, then we had the pleasure of hearing Miss Amsden sing alone and with Mr. Royer. We ended up with very good caramel ice cream of Mrs. Bailey's make which we ate in haste and then we danced.

Babe Smith

Amoung the many good times whiich Camp Acadia is enjoying this season, was an evening of grand opera last week, when Miss Elizabeth Amsden of Boston and Chicago Grand Opera Co!, dramatic soprano, and Mr. Joseph Royer, baritone, also of Grand Opera, gave selections from several operas, for the entertainment of the girls of this popular summer camp. Prof. F. Richard Davis was present also, and delighted all with his feats of magic. Miss Amsden and Mr. Royer, who have been occupying Lockrest on the boulevard, for the month of July, were both singing in grand opera at the outbreak of the war, the former in Paris and the latter in Italy.

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