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One of downtown Meredith's largest commercial buildings has an unusual history as a medical office — unusual in that it was headquarters for two highly respected women of medicine. The three-story building is one of several in the village with well-preserved wooden storefronts. Centrally placed recessed entrances allowed maximum display window frontage while offering shelter from the elements as customers entered the building. It was built in the 1890s by Drs. Newell and Mary Nutting as their office. "Dr. Mary," as she was widely known, continued to practice into the '40s. She is remembered for the hundreds upon hundreds of babies she delivered and for trudging through all types of foul weather to make house calls to infirm residents. After her death in 1947, the Nutting Block was purchased by Guy U. Home and his wife. Dr. Edith (Bushway) Home, Meredith's first chiropractor. Dr. Bushway cured Mr. Home of a life-threatening asthma condition and later they were married. She continued to actively practice chiropractic into the 1990s.

The Nutting/Horne Block is located on Main Street in Meredith.


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