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According to Swasey family tradition, this stone was used to measure property boundaries since the town's earliest days. Deed records, however, indicate its significance lies more in designating the southwest corner of the "Swasey mill lot." As early as 1800, deeds show the "mill yard on the outlet of Measly Pond" (Waukewan), indicating the existence of mills there even before John Bond Swasey purchased them. It also marks the corner of the old "Corporation Square," where community band concerts took place. The current building at the corner of the mill lot across Dover Street was once the studio of Meredith's Bob Montana, creator of the famous Archie comics. Property to the south of the stone on Main Street has been home to a number of noteworthy residents and businesses, including Baptist minister Parker L. Fogg, who was dismissed from the pulpit about 1830 for indulging too much in intoxicating spirits. The Elm Hotel stood where the post office is located today.

Swasey Stone can be found by taking Route 3 to the lights in Meredith. Turn left and go up the hill onto Main Street. Swasey Stone is on the left, at the corner of Main & Dover Streets.


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