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Built about 1820, the old mill building still standing beside the waterfall was part of Meredith's industrial history until the 1980s. It was likely built by village developer John Bond Swasey as either a grist mill or cotton processing (fulling) mill. About 1830 J.W. Lang and several partners formed the Meredith Village Cotton Factory Company. In 1859 this and other nearby mill buildings came under the control of the Meredith Mechanic Association, familiarly known as "The Corporation." Fortunes of the Association improved dramatically when Englishman Samuel Hodgson opened a hosiery manufactory, using space in this building and a new larger mill lower on the site (pictured at right). After Hodgson's mill burned in 1889, the property was eventually developed into the Meredith Linen Mills, whose linen cloth, or "crash," was soon in high demand. Various textiles were milled here until the site was developed into an attractive shopping area in 1984. Through it all, Swasey's old mill continues to stand as a monument to Meredith's mill town roots.

Meredith' Mill Buildings are located in downtown Meredith, just off of Route 3.

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