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Meredith's pride and joy is its public waterfront on Lake Winnipesaukee. The town docks at the foot of Lake Street date back to before 1880. Even earlier, there was a steamboat landing at Dover Point (now Hesky Park), where the steamship Dover carried supplies to town. Hesky Park was donated to the town by Linen Mills owner Egon Hesky after the current Route 3 was built in 1948. Scenic and Clough Parks along the northern shore of Meredith Bay date from the 1920s. Clough Park is named for Edward H. Clough, who revived the Old Oak, an old Indian landmark which later became the town emblem. The park underwent renovation in the early 1990s, and a new "old" oak has taken root there. Townspeople expanded Mr. Clough's park in the late '20s by filling along the shoreline by Winnipesaukee Street (Route 25) and created Scenic Park, which claims an award-winning view of the lake and mountains to the south.

Meredith's Waterfront Parks are located on the Northwest shore of Lake Winnipesaukee, just off Route 3 in downtown Meredith.


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